Paisaje Sostenido | The basic rules of the MotoGP competition
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The basic rules of the MotoGP competition

The basic rules of the MotoGP competition

The World Championship in road and ring motorcycle races has been held since 1949 and is one of the most popular sports races. In this article, we will consider what the technical and racing rules of MotoGP are.

the calmful cycling

MotoGP Rules

The World Championship consists of three classes, one of which is MotoGP. Racing on motorcycles is a hobby of adrenaline maniacs, brave people and gamblers. If you prefer a more calm sport, then click on the link to la vuelta live and enjoy the calmful cycling.

Engine capacity of 500cc was the highest up to 2002. MotoGP class replaced it with four-cycle motors up to 900cc later. Then, their volume dropped to 800cc, because their speed was a serious danger. There was a return to liter sports prototypes in 2012. There is no necessity in the homologation party (in contrast to motorcycles belonging to the class “Superbike”), motorcycles-prototypes can exist in the singular, but usually two copies of the finished bike are built. This is necessary for insurance in case the main copy is damaged and in case of switching to slick, which happens when the track is heavily dried.

Cancellation of one motorcycle rule

Rich teams are able to bypass the rule of one motorcycle successfully, despite the fact that it operates in Moto2 and World Superbike. To do this, they need to have a second assembled chassis – for example, just outside the garage door, in the trailer, but not in the team’s box.

Carbon brake discs

There were rumors some time ago that carbon brake discs could not be used soon in this Championship. However, it became clear now that specialists do not have sufficient analytical and information base to return to steel. Some people have calculated that in order to maintain balance, it will be necessary to prescribe in the technical regulations both the material and the overall mass characteristics of the devices, allowed to be used. This will necessarily cause the unification of products – as, for example, tires.

Racing regulations

The distance of MotoGP is 120 km. The scheme, which is used for most motorcycle races, is used to calculate points: the first 15 participants who earned 25-1 points receive rewards. The best result is recorded in offset

Crankshaft speeds

The basis of the Dorna / FIM relationship with the factories depends on whether or not certain restrictions on the crankshaft revolutions are taken. However, this issue has not been discussed yet.

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